How to Clean Vinyl Floor

In kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl flooring is very popular, mostly because it is waterproof and easy to clean. Vinyl is a relatively cheap building material that can be used to protect the floor, but in an attractive way. It is much warmer and comfortable to walk on than wood or tile, and it can stay shining and in good condition for many years.

Keeping it that way requires a few tips and tricks that will be explained here.

First, it’s always a good idea to use a welcome mat or small rug at entrances so that the floors stay clean. Dust, sand, and chemicals that can be brought in on shoes can scratch or cause the vinyl to yellow. The solution is to wipe shoes before walking on a vinyl floor. Place one where you stand to wash dishes or cook at the stove.

vinyl floor

Second, sweeping every day will help clean the dirt and dust as it appears and won’t let it get caked on. Vinyl floors can lose their shine if they aren’t cleaned frequently.

Third, when something spills, clean it up immediately. This way, the floor won’t end up with any stains.

Fourth, use a vinegar solution to clean. Vinegar is a substance that can clean your floors without damaging them. Stronger chemicals can damage these floors, so something softer, like vinegar, is a good idea. Prepare apple cider vinegar with a little warm or hot water and clean with a mop.

And, fifth, make sure to choose adequate products to clean. There are products out there that are specifically used to clean vinyl, or to seal it and make it shine. These are especially usefully for older vinyl floors.