The advantages of having more than 123movies to watch

When having the ability to download or stream your own movies or TV shows of choice, there is always going to be richness in variety for you. Choice and selectivity always matters and the independence that own downloading or streaming offers allows you to always do just that. It allows you to always have choice at your finger tips and be as selective as you choose to be. As opposed to watching normal network channels, often waiting months for your favorite TV series to return, or watching a movie event at your downtown movie theater, the independence that you now enjoy through being able to review and select 123movies or more from your laptop or mobile phone and transfer it directly to your entertainment center gives you more peace of mind than you could have imagined.

Let’s face facts, nothing irks more than watching a newly released event that you’ve been looking forward to for so long in a public theater when, lo and behold, someone behind or in front of you is crunching on his popcorn or crisps. Back at home, you can create your own atmosphere which allows for the tranquility and focus needed to watch a dramatic or art movie that requires the utmost concentration.


Instead of munching on popcorn, you can take a sip from your favorite red wine or bourbon, something which would not be allowed in a public space, and for all the wrong reasons. Of course, you like to lighten the mood at home. So when you’re watching a flick that is focused more on fun and action, you can indulge yourself in pizza instead of nibbling politely on your salted popcorn so as not to disturb other theater goers.