The Craziest Bets Ever Made


It’s obvious the craziest bets would probably fall to anyone who has actually played Russian roulette. This list is going to be focusing on the more absurd angle of crazy, rather than the suicidal -though some of these are clearly dangerous. If you’d like to make a wager of the more practical variety, I’d recommend an agen SBOBET, otherwise, strap in for some of the craziest bets ever made.

Niagara Falls

Matthew Webb swam across the English Channel in 1875, becoming the first man to do so. This ex-Navy swimmer then got it into his head he could try his skill at crossing the whirlpool rapids below Niagara Falls. He threw $10,000 down on his ability to accomplish this. He started off strong and was said to abruptly throw his hand in the air as he was pulled underneath.

Outta this World

In 1979 the Space Station SkyLab was set to crash to Earth. The owner of the El Cortez in Vegas apparently saw this as a betting opportunity. Betting on it crashing into the El Cortez casino saw the odds at 10,000 -1, though it leaves one to wonder how you would cash that bet. For the record, SkyLab landed in Australia.

Betting the Whole House (and Wife)

In Uganda, your wife can apparently be a part of the wager – ratified by the government. Two men in Uganda threw down their bets on an Arsenal and Manchester United match. One man wagered his home and wife, the other his car and wife. Arsenal won the game, and one of them men lost a wife. This is definitely not a bet offered by your local agen SBOBET.

Man Boobs

One man was bet by his friends he wouldn’t get breast implants, and keep them for a year. He took that bet, made some headlines as the man with the $100,000 breasts – and found himself $100,000 richer a year later.